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September 21, 2017

4:00 pm - Social
4:15 program

"Fraud Close to Home"


Lake Hickory Country Club



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To provide personal and professional development opportunities in management accounting, financial management and information management through education and association with business professionals and certification in management accounting to members in the Catawba Valley area.

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Our Venue - Fine Dining

Lake Hickory Country Club

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Presidents Message  

Welcome to August!

Our 1st meeting for this year will be combined with APICS on Thursday, August 24th. We chose this because the topic is one that is always of interest. The topic is getting intelligence out of spreadsheets in Excel. Once we have more information on the speaker and a bio we will share that. This is a dinner meeting at the Catawba Country Club, the meal they provide is always excellent and the topic sounds like it could be very useful as well. The social time starts at 5:30 with dinner starting at 6:15, the program starts about 6:45pm.

There are a few changes to our dates for this year, please check the upcoming meeting dates and times in the section later in the newsletter. When we tried to get our dates with Lake Hickory Country Club we found a few conflicts, nothing serious but a few dates have changed. Our Thinkers Team has several excellent ideas for topics and are lining up speakers now.

Recently, I attended the Carolinaís Council Planning meeting. They are very excited to hear our plans for the Winter Conference and their Winter meeting in Asheville. Ron has done a great job of getting a brewery tour and tasting set up and I think this will be a great event. Thanks Ron! The Council reviewed the plans by IMA Global to remove the Young Professional membership, and will grandfather those in that category in until they turn 33. The concern is we are hurting those who graduate from college by asking them to pay the full membership price when they have just started a new career. The Council will check to see if Global is allowing those who graduate to stay as students for the 1st year post graduation. There was some discussion about the Chapters paying some or part of the difference to keep these young members. I agree, if we donít support the new members, the Association will not grow.

If you are listed as a Board Member for IMA this year, donít forget to complete both the Ethics and Core Values forms and submit them to IMA Global. Please copy Charlie Nartker if you havenít already done so. He currently is missing these forms from 3 Board Members.

Best Regards,
Ellen Knauf
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